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Customized, confidence-boosting, and practical nutrition counseling for families.

The kitchen table is a place for memory-making and connection — not stress, “shoulds,” and shame. 

Whether you’re a parent who feels too busy to prepare healthful meals, has a picky eater who you can’t seem to satisfy, or struggles to make sense of the loads of nutrition information online — I help simplify mealtimes for you and your family.

Jason Levee, MS, RD, CDN

Founder | Registered Dietitian, Whole Family Nutritionist

After walking with hundreds of families through the process of overcoming meal time stressors like pickiness, power struggles, nutrition patterns within diverse family structures, etc. — I’ve come to fiercely believe in the need for parental support in the kitchen. Afterall, kids don’t come with instruction manuals.

To me — “support in the kitchen” isn’t limited to meal plans and recipes — but it expands to include customized roadmaps to successful meals based on your definition of success. Whether your toddler is suddenly refusing anything green, you’ve got a teenager with an iron deficiency, or you’re just not sure how to prepare realistic healthful meals for your family — I come alongside you to simplify feeding your family and arm you with the tools and the know-how to consistently and confidently do it every day. 

When I’m not working with clients — my four-year-old and twin two-year-olds keep me busy. We love exploring new restaurants, playing in the park, and going to museums all over New York City. I also love to cook and try to involve my kids as much as I can.

Education & Training

  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

  • New York University Master's Degree in Clinical Nutrition

  • Dietetic Internship completed through NYU, with clinical rotations at the University of Maryland Medical Center and Kennedy Krieger Institute


When you worked with our son last Monday… you actually changed his life.

Before then, he was low energy, tired, having a hard time focusing. His bed was covered with bags of half eaten chips and seltzer bottles. He wasn’t exercising and he was eating a few bites at meals, and then “saving the rest” for a later that never actually came. 

And then came Monday night… he met with you for 30-45 minutes and came upstairs determined. After that, he started chopping and stirring and making foods that he would never have eaten before. He mealplanned his breakfasts and snacks for the entire week. And he did not veer from the plan.

All of a sudden, a 17-year-old who had never eaten breakfast was eating sourdough bread with avocado spread and a salsa like topping of beans and corn and healthy food. And snacking on chia pudding and clementines. He was waking up earlier, with a plan that he was following, and said he had more energy than he’d ever had. He even gained 3.5 pounds in 4 days which amazed him and thrilled him!

- d.s.

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